Thursday, September 5, 2019

Furniture Checklist For First-Time Homeowners

The idea of owning a house is exciting, as a homeowner we are presented with an opportunity to décor and furnish it. A home is a place that reflects our personality, and in the process of buying furniture, we may get overwhelmed and invest in too many pieces or too little. Hence before you visit furniture shop in Singapore, Bangalore or any other place, here is a checklist on what furniture to buy to help make your decision easy.

Living Room

Families spend a majority of their time in the living room either watching TV, eating and spending time with family and friends. So investing in a good quality sofa is a necessity. Sofas are available in different types, namely, leather sofa, couch, love seat, sofa cum bed, etc. Based on the size of the living room and your requirement invest in a quality and comfortable sofa set.

Additionally, if your living room doubles as a landing area and TV room, invest in TV consoles and arm chair, shoe stand and a coffee table to make it livable and comfortable.

Kitchen And Dining Room

The next area that we spend a lot of time in your household is the Kitchen and dining room. The only furniture you need for this area is a sturdy and comfortable dining table and chairs. 

Whereas in Kitchen stick to basic like cooking essential, pots, pans and trash can. The remaining silverware and other items can be purchased once we start living and spot the necessity


The last place that you need to concentrate while furnishing a home is Bedroom. Purchase a solid and quality bedframe along with absolute bedding. The size of your bed should be decided based on the space available, buy king size bed for larger rooms and queen size for guest rooms. Nightstands are a must, never miss this piece of furniture.


In the bathroom make sure mirror and vanity are installed to store and organize all your essentials and cleaning supplies. Further furnish the bathrooms with a trash can, towels, and bathmats. Bathmats are an important piece of furniture in the bathroom, as they help keep the room dry and clean.


Furnishing a home is a long process, in addition to the above-mentioned piece, there are various other pieces that you need to buy for your home. Lamps, décor items, bookshelf, throw pillows, storage units, etc, the list is endless. Do not get overwhelmed by the list, stick to the basic and pick sturdy pieces for long life.

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